My Grandfather and Me: A Conversation

This blog explores the relationship I had with my maternal grandfather, Bernard Preston. I knew him longer than my own father, which is not be the normal relationship length, but it was.   As a boy, I spent a week or two on the farm learning, playing and working, hard! As a man, I spent short periods of time visiting, eating, and laughing with my aging and gracious elder.

Much of the material will be farm related. Living on a farm, one is taught much about life, about nature, about community, and about resilience in the face of difficulty. It is also about the joy of living and creating.  I will include many old photos of farm and family. It will be informative, humourous, historical and it will be reflective.

If you are wondering if this blog has any connection to my first book (currently being edited). The answer is yes. Bernard Preston was my connection to the principle people of the story. The mannerisms, traits, and humour, are characteristics that flowed down through the generations.

I invite you to comment, if you wish. I hope to make this interesting and not too nostalgic.


BP1 1918

Bernard Preston  – Canadian Army 1918