The Best Sled Ride, Ever

Recently I heard Roch Carriere speak on CBC of his life altering book, “The Hockey Sweater”. It evokes a simpler time in rural Quebec where a boy worships Les Canadiens and their star, Rocket Richard.  When an Eaton’s delivery boo boo sends a Maple Leaf sweater instead, Roch is ridiculed, humiliated. This story is so very Canadian.

That interview brought back to memory, my childhood in Creighton Heights, just north of Cobourg Ontario. The early 1960’s. It was full of ponds for hockey and hills for sledding in winter. We loved and lived for winter sports. It also brought back memories of childhood interactions: unsupervised fun, fast friends and yes, bullying.

“The Best Sled Ride, Ever” has its first draft completed. It is winter fun, fast friends and bullying. Those children who had less income (poor) were teased for their, shabby clothes,  small houses, poor “sleds” and sometimes body odour.

But – this story has the poor kids winning at the sledding contest, overcoming the bullying by smarts and persistence and gaining respect. It is based on my own experiences. This is a heart warming story for young readers.

Fall Feedback

“Loyalty is getting attention. This fall, Patrick Crean of Harper Collins (one of Canada’s most respected book editors and literary experts) and Samantha Heywood, President TransAtlantic Agency (arguably Canada’s largest literary agency), looked at “Loyalty” and provided positive feedback. “strong potential” . But – no contract yet to move “Loyalty” along to publication. The fact that it was reviewed by these respected people and CBC Drama, plus others, means it is good and should be published. 2018?