Loyalty – the Story

Loyalty, the historical fiction story is now complete. Editing done. All it needs now, is a agent or publisher that would like to bring the “sweeping saga” of Ireland, United States and Canada,  to life.

Synopsis: Loyalty

The Year 1798. Rebellion. Ireland is ablaze. The British 23rd Light Dragoons, smash into the line of United Irishmen Rebels and French Army. A slaughter of the rebels ensues. Posted to Donegal, the handsome Isaac Preston of the 23rds meets the pretty, yet strong-willed Sarah Porter, a captain’s daughter. Her proud, overbearing father forbids her courtship by the tenant farmer’s son, he of inferior class. Facing a decision between love and privilege, she chooses to elope, leaving a life of comfort for common living in the Belfast Barracks. History unfolds conflicts and challenges, with Isaac employed as an agent on an Irish estate, the family fleeing the Napoleonic Wars to New York State, imprisonment during the War of 1812, Sarah’s harrowing four year survival as a lone parent, homesteading in the wilds of Ontario, the Upper Canada Rebellion and a shootout with pirates. The fearless Sarah is recognized for her “true heroic British courage”, the stubborn Isaac remembered for his lifelong membership in the Orange Order.

Loyalty is tested on many fronts and on many levels.

Based on the true story of Sarah Porter and Isaac Preston, this sweeping saga of the Jane Austen era, follows the key events and historic characters they touched: General Sir Edward Pakenham; Archibald Acheson, Governor General of Canada; Benedict Arnold; Sir John A Macdonald and the pirate Bill Johnston.

As Canada approaches its one hundred and fiftieth birthday, we should celebrate those who built and defended Canada, people like the Prestons.

The opening lines …

The rider had been on the move for four days. Four days of little sleep; pursue and be pursued, fighting and fleeing, living and dying. The line was now drawn. Desperately tired, he was, nevertheless, ready. It was his duty. Yet another battle was being waged, his disdain for those of the other colour.


2 thoughts on “Loyalty – the Story”

  1. I am so looking forward to reading Loyalty. I have been hearing the story of Isaac Preston and Sarah Porter my whole life, having grown up in their house on Amherst Island. A great piece of history, an epic tale, a story of heroism. Thank you for writing this!

  2. Loyalty – As we follow the Preston family and their descendants from Ireland to Canada, we step back in time, glimpsing a way of life that draws us into admiring their love of each other and their ability to adapt to a changing world. Loyalty is a poignant reminder of the struggles and perseverance of the early settlers and their contributions to a young Canada. As the story unfolds, you begin to identify with young Isaac and Sarah and the changes they must make for the future of their family, and in doing so, you are able to rejoice in their accomplishments and weep with them in their sorrows.

    In this our 150th Anniversary year, it is important for all Canadians to understand our own history and how those stories create the mosaic that is Canada today. Loyalty offers to us such a story, for those both young and old to capture in their minds eye a young Canada.

    Pat Beck – retired teacher

    Authors note – Pat has read “Loyalty” three times.

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