Inside – Outside Offshore – Onshore

The story is complete and ready to go. Wattpad readers  – you are in for a thrilling ride. Here is the synopsis as of October 2018.


Against the frantic 2015 Canadian Federal Election campaign, four forces are embroiled within dark places, battling to control the election outcome.

Yvon Archambeaux, a respected television reporter with the cash-strapped CMZ network, is assigned to the Prime Minister and his Traditional Party’s campaign.  Yvon (Outside) is frustrated with the cheapness of his boss, and with the control and predictability of the Prime Minister’s messaging. He is contacted from within the Canadian spy agency. Hamed (Inside), an Arabic speaking, contract security specialist, has discovered illegal surveillance and money transactions from within Canada’s surveillance agency, CCSS. He reaches outside to Yvon, trusting him to help tell of the misdemeanors and how far up the political chain the corruption goes. Together, they agree to throw a “disruptive bombshell” into the election fray just before Election Day, to take out the governing party. Mike (Onshore) an old political fund raiser of the Traditional Party, is officially retired, but runs a quiet, tight operation, obtaining off the record donations in exchange for political favours. Julio (Offshore), an ex-Quebecer – biker money launderer, controls an investment company in the Bahamas. The self-styled ladies’ man, oversees the transactions making their way around the world into the secret operations fund. Also under his tutelage is a group of hackers, working with duplicate copies of Canadian government files.

Will the fake voters they create tip the election balance? Who donates to the secret fund and who benefits? What is the planned historic disruptive “event”? Can the moralistic spy analyst and truthful journalist diffuse the process in time?

And, just who is Bowman and what is his role? Is there yet another darker force?

This political thriller will keep you engaged and bring to light the fragility of our democracy.

This story marries the passions of investigative journalism and personal moral values, to do battle against the length and breadth of government sanctioned spying, the dark forces of off-shore finance and the influence that has on Canada. It mirrors the uncovering of government sanctioned spying by Edward Snowden, the murky world of offshore tax evasion as in the Panama Papers and the subsequent money laundering. This is also a parallel to the hacking of US government and private files by Russian and North Korean agents for control and the reporters who risk their safety to uncover the truth.


This story was first written in 2015 during the Canadian Federal Election. Eerily, it matches much of the corruption and chaos of today’s White House and what is being uncovered during the 2016 election.