Dearth of Guy Books in 2017. No Canada Eh?

Three weeks ago I went to my local Indigo store to check out the new reads. I had a guy question, thus I sought out and found a mid aged man to pose it to.

“What are guys readings now?” I asked the greying man.

I received a stunned look.

“What books would you recommend to a guy for a good read?” I asked again.

After a moment, he replied that there was one self-help book in the best sellers area.

Now I was stunned.

He had no idea, as well he made no attempt to get at what I was seeking.

I explained in more detail I was doing a non-scientific survey to determine what books and genres were popular with men today.

It was obvious he was limited to best sellers, but not clued in on customer help.

Segue to my point.

Currently, there is a dearth of new books that are of interest to men. I asked a librarian two weeks ago the same question, only to find that men may be reading what is offered as choice, but these titles and genres may not be their top choices.

So, what is book genres are hot in today’s market?

Light romance

Graphic novels

Thrillers (with romance)

Erotica (romance)

Historical fiction (romance)

You see a trend here.


And there is certainly a dearth of books celebrating Canada on its 150th birthday.

Where are the books that endear us, captivate us and make us proud to be Canadians? What about the builders of the Blue Nose, or the Chinese constructors of the CPR, or the Grey nuns and others who cared for the fever stricken Irish poor in 1847, or Metis Charlotte Small, wife of explorer David Thompson?

No it’s more the same offerings.

I guess I’ll just have to read rereads.  My wallet rests.

photos – Chinese workers on the CPR, Charlotte Small Thompson,  Grey Nuns with sick at Grosse Isle, the Blue Nose.