Loyalty Fans

Fans of one’s book are both appreciated and desired in order to build a presence, as a new author. The attached photo from this spring, is of David and Audrey, my new best fans.

David and Audrey are well into their 80’s. They are very active and very social within their retirement living building, their church and their community of family and friends.

Over a number of weeks, David read “Loyalty” to Audrey as she worked on sewing and knitting projects. That togetherness was unique. They experienced and discussed the events and characters, week after week; together. It was a time they looked forward too.

I met with both recently, and was rewarded with praise and thanks for the offer of the read, but also of sharing Sarah and Isaac’s story. I am grateful. Thanks, my number one fans!

Audrey and David’s comments can be found on this website.

2 thoughts on “Loyalty Fans”

  1. “Loyalty” is a heartwarming story of love, commitment and hardship endured by our early Canadian settlers.

    The Preston family reinforced in our minds how fortunate we are to live in Canada.

    We most certainly would recommend “Loyalty” as a must read and especially to our grandchildren to help give them more insight into Canadian history.

    Thank you Al Seymour for your wonderful words.

    Bill and Joan Hewitt

  2. I am pleased to say I have read this historical novel. The “Loyalty” story unfolded in a pleasing manner and I enjoyed using Al’s words to create images of the places and times and most importantly the people. The hero and heroine of the story were most likable and led very interesting lives. I feel Al made some excellent artistic choices in sticking to the basic historical details while fleshing out the characters reactions to their life events. I would recommend reading “Loyalty” !

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