Book #2 Inside-Outside : Offshore-Onshore Prophetic?


Book #2   Inside-Outside : Offshore-Onshore  – Prophetic?

When I wrote the first draft of Inside-Outside: Offshore-Onshore in 2015, I had no idea that it would be so prophetic, and so soon, now the summer 2017.

I commenced hammering out plot, characters and inserting contentious issues early in 2015. During the winter and spring of 2015, there were rumblings of a snap Canadian Federal Election, that Mr. Harper would pull the plug early on Parliament. But he stuck to his promise, announcing a marathon campaign, culminating in a historic change in government October 19, 2015.

During 2015, as I knocked on hundreds of doors from January until October 17, the story unfolded. I wrote about another election scenario, with a different outcome from the actual one. The first draft was completed before Election Day. I decided not to change it to match the actual. But I did write about those current issues and concerns and those I thought might be there anyways – just covered up. They were: election fraud, money payments for political influence, unchecked government spying on civilians, fake news, offshore money laundering, hacking of government files, fake voter lists, and organized crime influence. Yes, that was 2015. I knew some things were true and others were speculative.

However, I did not foresee what is now unfolding in Washington. The Russian criminals seem to have been gaining control of power, from behind the scenes, with Trump as the front man. The 2016 election may have been rigged from outside influences. The air is full of fake news and cover ups that blur reality – deflecting from the public view, what is really going on.

It is madness!

Is Canada immune?

Inside-Outside : Offshore-Onshore is all the above madness and corruption played out against a frantic election campaign. Forces of good and evil are racing toward the election with the intent on influencing its outcome. It is a political thriller, with an unexpected outcome.